ICOM   historisches


Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1931, Tokuzo Inoue became interested in ham radio as a teenager in the 1940s. After ham radio operations were again permitted in Japan in 1952, he became licensed as JA3FA. In 1954, at age 23, he started a medical equipment business, INOUE Seisakusyo. In 1964 he founded INOUE EIectric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It was there that he built and sold his first commercial amateur radio, the all-transistor FDAM-1, a 1 watt, 6 meter mobile transceiver. Over 200 units of this first rig were sold, and followed by 3000 units of an upgraded version. In 1978 the name of the company was changed to ICOM Incorporated (short for Inoue Communications).

Im Jahre 1976 gründete die japanische Icom Inc. ihre erste ausländische Niederlassung in Düsseldorf. Mit Icom (Europe) GmbH wurde der Grundstein für das internationale Geschäft gelegt, weitere Icom-Niederlassungen folgten dann weltweit.